Saturday, January 16, 2010

quiet on Haas front~

Haven't heard from Haas for awhile. The school has been especially good at communication before the break, but sort of stopped there after the New Year~ I remember the very first email they sent after my submission is that an confirmation email will be sent out within 4 weeks to confirm everything has been received for review. Well, I haven't got that yet.

I guess it must be really busy up there, with R1 interviews, decisions and R2 applications. I sympathize what adcom has to go through~ that's why I think Kellogg/HBS/Stanford's approach might be a better one. Focus on R1, decisions all sent out, and then start R2. HBS adcom even get a few weeks break between New Year and R2 deadline. Anyway, hope Haas will start moving soon on my R2 :)

Btw, I believe today is Haas' R1 Super Saturday, which is the interview day + open house for most applicants in the US. I have a friend interviewing today. So I wish her and all the R1 applicants good luck!


  1. Haas have been quiet this year with me too, although I did get a confirmation that my file was 'ready for review' just before christmas. If you sent anything by mail it will probably take longer though...

  2. mbanearlythere, that's great!

    hum~ I wonder why my takes so long...if people start getting interviews and I still don't get the confirmation message, I might have to call them...

  3. Even I applied to Haas in round 2. I got a confirmation mail before holiday break and nothing else later on. Lets hope we hear something soon from them. All the best !

  4. Thanks for the kind words DreamChaser! Hearing you on the Haas wait. I applied R1 and it has been virtually silent since before Thanksgiving.