Friday, January 8, 2010

MIT Interview + the Power of Social Media! (Again!)

So I had my MIT interview today. I think it went pretty well considering that I found nearly all the BEI questions I could find on clearadmit and and thought of no less than eight stories to answer them...I think I only ended up using 3 or 4. Well, I tend to over-prep for interviews...but as I always say, over-prepping is better than under-prepared. As usual, I will post my interview report after MIT decision, but I will remember to take notes today so that I don't forget everything :P

There was a surprising moment in my interview, when my interviewer told me that MIT Sloan's Admissions Director Rod Garcia knew of my blog and liked it. That was a total shocker. Although I knew b-schools admissions read applicant blogs (see how I found out Haas re-tweeted my blogpost), I never imagined they actually spend the time to put the blog with the face. So much for keeping my blog anonymous :)

While I feel flattered that b-school admission officers find my words and thoughts interesting, I am again overwhelmed by the power of social media. It's really true that you can't hide your identity in the world of Internet and everything you write/post will forever be a search-able reference to who you are (and perhaps be added to your b-school application~) . It again shows that you need to stay true to yourself in every aspects of life, whether online or not. It's also a rule of life in my mind. hum~ I just hope my blog adds points to my MIT application :)


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the interview! Let's cross our fingers that we both can be classmates next year at Sloan! I interviewed in December! Much luck!


  2. Thanks Oscar and Good luck to you too!

  3. did they find your admissions blog or another blog.. its a bit strange for admissions to track your admisssions blog and how would they tie you to your blog. just curious

  4. anonymous,

    I don't know, but I think with the date of my MIT interview revealed (as well as my gender and general location), it's fairly easy to match my blog with my application file. I was surprised too though~

  5. I had a similar experience during my Babson info session. I met a current student who came up to me and enquired if I was the writer of a certain blog.

    Its a small world!