Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Asia's rise - past and future

Came across this awesome TED presentation by Hans Rosling on an ESADE student's blog. I suggest anyone who is interested in India and China's development take a look at it. As many economists agree, Asia is the future. This presentation can give you some perspective on its past (well, focused on India and China) and its future through Hans ingenious presentation. This is one of the most engaging presentation I've seen for a long time. I guarantee it will be 20 minutes well spent!

What do you think of the future of these two giants? and the new world order? in both economic and political terms? Discussions are welcomed! (I know there are a lot of Indian MBA applicants out there reading my blog, so chime in :)


  1. Yuhooooooo :) That certainly gimme a high about being an Indian :) Thanks DreamChaser !

  2. That's one of my favourite TED videos - Hans Rosling is the man.

    Have you seen the presentation he did back in 2006? It's also fantastic: