Monday, February 13, 2012

Two years have gone by fast...

I never thought I would return to this blog since I abandoned it so long ago. It is not that I dislike the idea of blogging now, it's just that once you leave something for too long, it almost feel wrong to come back, to disturb a piece of history.

Yet, I felt compelled to come back today. I just had dinner with a first year Kellogg student who has been my Kellogg-buddy since his admission days. I mentioned I used to blog. Surprisingly enough, he had followed my blog during his applicant days. I did not know that after I left the blog, it was still making some sort of influence on people.

Now, after almost two years at Kellogg, I came back to where everything started. Reviewing my old posts triggered all kinds of feelings: nostalgia, a sense of achievement and satisfaction, a sense of peace and determination. It's funny to look at my old DAK post, because just last weekend, I was hosting DAK I as a section leader. I was standing at the podium where my old DAK leaders did. How time flies.

Many things have changed during the two years, yet many things have not. I have grown yet I am still the same DreamChaser determined to define my success and happiness in life.

Maybe it is a good time to come back to this blog, to write something about my past two years and give this blog an official closure.

Just maybe.

Winter on Northwestern Campus, overlooking Lake Michigan, with downtown Chicago in the distance