Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Somewhere in between

I haven't posted much this month. What happened? Hum, it seems that time just flied by when you don't have all the business school applications worries. Although I did receive a rejection sometime in between, but after all these months, I have developed high immunity for rejections, so I smiled and moved on. Also, sometime in the past month, I bought my ticket to go home, submitted my letter of resignation, and had a panic reaction about all the stuff I need to sell and pack-up before quitting and heading home in June. I can't believe my So-Cal life is coming to an end in two months.

Yet I look forward to this summer. Dealing with visa stuff will not be fun, but having my boyfriend coming to visit for the first time will surely be an exciting experience. Plus, I will be helping my mom develop and expand her business. This woman is the inspiration of my life. She courageously started a totally unrelated second career after she retired and she is the most energetic 60 year old lady I've ever seen. After spending less than 3 months total at home for the past 8 years. I am glad I will have full two months with my parents before my new chapter in life.

So here I am, somewhere in between my soon-ending chapter in So-Cal and my new exciting 2 year bschool adventure, with so much to do yet so much to expect and dream about.

Dare I say that I am still waiting for R2 results...this extremely long journey is finally coming to the end...one more week to go till I can tell people "yes, this is where I be going for sure!". :)


  1. You're right, it's definitely hard to maintain a high level of writing/blogging. It becomes a habit to write a lot, and also a habit to skip writing. Best of luck finalizing your decision this week. When do you officially stop working?

  2. Wow i can totally relate to what you say. I'm in the middle of winding up my life here in the states and moving to India. Packing, selling stuff, moving oh boy, they're a handful! But anyways, hope you'll have fun doing all that so that you'll be able to fulfill your dreams that you've been chasing..