Wednesday, March 10, 2010

don't let bschool application define/defeat you

As R2 results slowly rolled out for various schools, the blogsphere/online forums became active again. For some, it was a triumphant finish. For others, it was the land of nowhere.

This post is dedicated to those who unfortunately did not make it this application season, especially those who I've personally interacted with.

It was heart-breaking even for a bystander to see these individuals pouring their heart and soul into bschool applications, as well as two years of precious time, and ended up with nothing but disappointing emails from their dream schools. As a fellow applicant, it was also my worst nightmare that I had once imaging myself going through. It's definitely a low point in life.

Then again, among the large pool of applicants this year, there were those resilient re-applicants, who got up where they fell and charged forward with such determination that one can only admire. Many of those re-applicants succeeded in their 2nd or 3rd try because their applications got better, or simply, because they persisted.

I have always believed that the key to success is about having the right attitude, which includes an unshakable confidence and a real humble heart. I fully understand that rejections from our dream schools can be so crushing, that we feel desperate, insignificant and incompetent. But the truth is, there is so much to you than four essays and a simple five page application! So friends, please don't let bschool application define or defeat you. The future is still bright, as long as you are up for it!

I feel like I have a lot more to say but don't know exactly how to say it. So I am just here, to show my support, as a fellow applicant.

I hope five years down the road, you can look back at this episode of your life with a big smile.


  1. I'm going to send this to two friends in particular! They're having a hard time with this whole rejection/wait listing process

  2. Great post! love your attitude

  3. Nice One DC. Life is always much more than just one thing ; be it anything.

  4. Just to add-
    Usually the reapplications teach a lot, so those who couldn't make it will emerge much stronger next season. And you really want to do your MBA when you are ready for it. I am glad I didn't make it the first time, I used the second time to learn those things that I would have spent my first year of MBA in. Now, I can extract the real value of B school. Good luck to your friends who didn't make it.

  5. I feel this post will help a lot of people including those who have both admits and declines this year.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. In the final days before I hear from my dream school, this post was inspiring. Thanks :o)

  7. Totally agree with you! Thanks for this post.
    BTW, I enjoyed reading all your posts.. in one sitting, can you believe?

  8. that's very inspiring DC thanks

  9. hi DC, I copied your post to my blog to keep myself motivating in turbulent times. If you feel NOT to copy then let me know. :)

    BTW CONGRATS for the Winning clear admit BOB!!! :)