Monday, February 1, 2010

More waiting on MIT ~

After an unproductive day constantly staring at my phone, I opened up the MIT online application expecting to see a rejection letter~ turned out I was deferred to R2 for decision. I know this happened to some R1 applicants without interview, so now it's my time to join the club.

I am a little disappointed I guess. I haven't got a chance to visit MIT when school was in session and sit in a class. I was actually looking forward to doing that if I got admitted. There are a lot of aspects of Sloan that I am excited about~ too bad I don't get to explore it more in the R1 decision time frame, since R2 decision deadline is in April and Kellogg's deposit is due end of March...this deferral just made life a lot more complicated...

So with three interviews, one admit, one rejection and one pseudo-waitlist, my R1 concludes in the most diverse possible way~ I feel extremely thankful for Kellogg offering me an admit so early in the season so that I had a great holiday (despite not doing much but writing essays) and a peace of mind while waiting for Wharton and MIT (was still pretty anxious though, waiting is never fun). Looks more and more like I will be heading to the wind city~~~


  1. Oh I have not heard many times about such deferrals. Why do they do it ? Is it because they dint get all the required documents on time or is it on the same lines as waitlist ?

  2. Well, you'll love the windy city, and Kellog is a fabulous school! Waiting really does suck, but at least you have one sure thing. It could be MUCH MUCH worse :).

  3. You are absolutely right Elizabeth :) and I am grateful for what I have right now.

    Madbubbles, ya, it's not very common, as far as the schools I know, I think only MIT does it. Basically they don't want to admit me R1, but want to weight my application against R2 pool and then make a final decision. Don't know if it's better than waitlist, maybe a little better? I hope? it all depend on how R2 looks like I guess. Don't really know...

  4. MIT Sloan's Ambassador Program begins again on Feb. 8, so you can visit classes and talk to current students while you wait. Just check the website:

    Good luck!