Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haas oh Haas~

It's been very quiet on Haas front~ Super Saturday is coming fast~ and I still haven't got that coveted interview invite. I kept going back to my folder and read and re-read my Haas application. The fact is, I still love every word of it. Ok, maybe not every word, but it's certainly one of my strongest applications. So I keep being optimistic as I wait, although the time is running out...

To those still waiting patiently for Haas invite out there, best of luck to all of us!

p.s DAK post will be coming soon~ just need to focus on HBS interview prep right now~


  1. Am in the same boat DC. Feel Haas was my strongest application. Even am keeping my fingers crossed.. All the best !!

  2. hey madbubbles~ best of luck with your on Haas too! I think you've shown a great amount of passion for Haas in your blog and I am sure that comes through in application as well!

  3. Thank you for the kind words! I see that you're applying to bschool this year. Good luck with everything! From the sound of your blog, you'll be great addition to any business school. Remember, it's all about the fit!

    BTW, go with a PC for bschool. I know Macs are cool, but a lot of the software for simulations that we run are made for PCs. Plus, it's easier to work with PCs on group projects. Or go with a combo, get a $500 laptop for school and a iMac for home.

  4. Thanks Andrew for your kind words and advice!

  5. Dont worry, in the end its that one admit that matters :)
    Good luck.