Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays and Go Purple! :)

Just got my "big envelope" from Kellogg this morning. It's a big leather binder (wait, is that what it's called? I never had one before...ya I am frugal) with lots of purple in it! :) It reminds me of those college decision days as I waited anxiously for the "big envelope" to arrive. Thank goodness for email/phone notification nowadays!

Just want to share my joy and wish everyone happy holidays! I actually have quite a few ideas that I want to write in my blog but since time is precious during the holidays and I really need to plow through Stanford's essays right now and still leave time for family fun, I am gonna hold out on posting until I get a little break somewhere down the road. But yes, there will be more interesting posts to come, hopefully some good advice for fellow and future applicants too!

In this holiday season, enjoy your time with family and friends my fellow applicants, for they are ultimately what matters to you most! :)


  1. Your packet looks exciting! I'd like some purple in my life too! Are you waiting on any more schools?

  2. Hope you get into Kellogg! :) I have MIT interview coming up~ other than that, pretty quiet here, just a lot of essay sick of it...

  3. I hear ya. I'm so ready to be done with this process too. I eagerly await 1/15, the day after my last essay (Kellogg) is due.