Saturday, October 24, 2009

gotta love MIT Sloan's simple application

I always fill out the MBA application a couple of days ahead of time before my official submission. This is actually a well known suggestion for MBA applicants, to avoid last minute scrambling during submission as you pull freshly finalized essays together and try to squeeze out 200 character description of your extra curriculum activities on those tight spaces on the application 5 minutes before the deadline. Trust me, this seemly trivial part of application filling actually can take up hours!

So as I was filling out MIT Sloan's application three days before the deadline, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the application is so straight forward with none of those describe your key activities, awards, honors stuff. That is what a resume is for! I remember trying to fit the long (4 words) extracurricular organization's name into a 10 character box over frustration.... to me that is just unnecessary. I especially dislike those dreadful requests to describe your job responsibilities for which I have to think of different ways to re-illiterate what has been said on the resume. I am sure ad com officers complain to their friends (maybe secretly) about how much materials they have to read through. Why not cut the redundant information and focus on the fact, resume and essays?

MIT just gain another level of respect from me~

On the side note, I did have a dream about MIT sending me a short email denying me last night (I haven't even sent the application yet!) along with other fragmented surreal dream piece about vegas..... too much pressure~ deep breath....

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